Have you got what it takes to break from the pack? Give it a try in this 30 minute simulation workout.


The race is reaching the end, you’re riding the last 6 kilometers and it’s time to break away… 

Break from the pack and lead to victory with this 30 minute simulation designed to improve your sprinting power and increase your pain thresholds. With the last few kilometers in sight, don’t give up, stay ahead of the peloton and lead your way to gold!


5 Minutes Warm Up

14x Mixed Intervals

Intervals build in intensity throughout with 4 high intensity sprints towards the end

An average of Effort Levels 6-8

Steady Cool Down



IMPORTANT: Always warm up for at least 5 minutes before engaging in any form of exercise. Always seek medical advice from your doctor before engaging in high intensity exercise. Velo Workout is not responsible for any damages caused by using this workout. You (the user) assume all risk of injury when using this workout. Always ride safely, even when training indoors. These videos are intended as an exercise guide and do not guarantee any performance or health improvements. Most of all… have fun!