Effort Level


A Guide to Training by Effort Level

Effort level refers to the amount of effort you are required to put into an interval. You judge this by how it feels and by what you can sustain.

Levels 1 – 3 should require little effort and you will find yourself easily spinning through these intervals.

Levels 4 – 5 will be a moderate effort that you can sustain over a long distance.

Levels 6 – 8 require a lot of your effort and will become very hard towards level 8 requiring concentration, you will find it increasingly hard to hold a conversation during these efforts.

Level 9 – 10 will be your maximum effort. 100% of your power for the required interval.

Remember to recover as quickly as possible after each intense workout. Control your breathing and quickly slow your heart rate ready for the next effort. You will need to feel somewhat ready for the next interval. Ride safely and never push yourself to the point of injury.