Heart Rate Zones


A Guide to Training with a Heart Rate Monitor

The ‘Heart Rate Zone’ is a guide to help you target your heart rate during an interval. When starting a session try and keep your Heart Rate in the correct zone. Don’t worry if you cant bring your heart rate down to this level after a high intensity interval it will normally take 2 minutes for your heart rate to normalise after any high efforts.

The ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ arrows that appear show where in the zone you should be. In the example above, the down arrow would be Zone 4.0-4.4 and the up arrow would be Zone 4.5-4.9.

To calculate your heart rate zones there are many different on-line websites that can help you. If you have already calculated them you can use a Garmin or equivalent computer to show what Zone you are in during your workout.

To start with you will need to work out your maximum heart rate or functional threshold power (ftp). Then you can use an on-line resource to calculate each zone. See below for some helpful information…

STEP 1 – Calculate FTP:

STEP 2 – Calculate Your Zones:

We recommend trying the British Cycling calculator. Click Here >