Cycling HIIT Training


High Intesnity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts from Velo Workout

Velo Workout offer Cycling HIIT Training for cyclists looking to improve their performance and riding ability, as well as general fitness.

Velo Workout is the creation of a cycling enthusiast for cycling enthusiasts.

Our Cycling HIIT Training provides varied sessions for all levels of rider and types of cycling trainer. Designed for use with Rollers, Turbo Trainers and Indoor Cycles, our workout videos are clear to follow and can be played on most devices (tablet, smartphone, desktop & TV).

No distracting videos… no music that’s not to your taste… just high quality workouts that guide you through each session, allowing you to see exactly what’s going on. Our workouts include digital sound effects to count you down to an interval change while being able to listen to your own preferred music at the same time.

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We realise that no two riders are the same, everyone’s riding style and bike set-up is different, some prefer to train on rollers while others on turbo trainers. As part of a personal project, the Cycling HIIT Training we offer was created. These workouts quickly made us realise there was a market for simplistic interval training, without the fuss.

And so… Velo Workout was born. A series of dynamic Cycling HIIT Training that is simple to use and great value. Simply search for the workout that suits you, checkout, download & ride. Simple to follow on screen intervals that allow you to just jump on your bike and ride.